The Empowering Process

A book of daily mindful questions to add value, gain clarity, and increase results in your life.

The practice of living a conscious life and making choices that align with your core values, congruent with your heart and with ecology (no harm to you or others), requires daily practice; it is a skill.

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From Our Readers

“The author has the ability to ask the right questions to guide the conversation, and then zero in on the most critical nuggets of information in a seemingly free-form discussion.”

Shawn Blackwell

“I look forward to your sharing your empowering questions each day! Thank you for your insights, your light, and your wisdom!”

Janis Hartley

“Great question! I loved question 254 – all aspects of my life in balance. Yes, balance is key.”

Chris DeVincentis

Gail Kraft, Author, Business Spiritualist & Teacher

Meet Gail Kraft

Gail Kraft is a Business Spiritualist, Trainer and Author.

She empowers her clients to take their business and their lives to the next level utilizing Neuro-linguistic Programing, Quantum Linguistics, Empowering Questions, Change Acceleration Processes, and more.

By combining techniques, Gail provides the tools to achieving massive results in her client’s careers, businesses and lives. Gail believes you have the ability to uncover your talent, to find ways to utilize your gift and to be comfortable with being a creator of miracles.

YOU are a miracle maker and can live with abundance.

Why You’ll LOVE The Empowering Process

Creating Change

When you are looking for change somewhere in your life or need some support in getting there, asking the right question brings your awareness to opportunities that arise.

Making Choices

Constructing the right question for you takes practice, so practice with empowering questions that bring you the results you choose.

Conscious Control

Using empowering questions puts the direction of your life into your hands and helps you easily maneuver through obstacles.

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