About Gail Kraft

Gail Kraft

I trust the path I am on and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. — Gail Kraft

In this book Gail Kraft has collected empowering questions that she had written for her clients, training programs, and herself. Read one each day, find one that resonates for you, use these and learn how to make your own and watch your world magically change before your very eyes. What else can you do to formulate the right question that will unlock your potential right now?

Gail grew up in Dorchester and Mattapan, neighborhoods of Boston, Massachusetts. She is the last of eight children with most of her siblings entering young adulthood when she was born. As virtually an only child Gail grew up as a latchkey kid, alone until midnight most days, hanging out with a gang at the Smith Street Drug Store in Mattapan.

As an adult, Gail began transforming her own life by learning how to speak without her deep accent and transferring her street-smart approach to life to a street-smart approach to business. She is no longer a tough-speaking gang kid living on the streets of Mattapan and is now a business owner who fully understands how the power of words can destroy or build relationships.

Curious about how to be even better at getting results, Gail started a journey, which brought her through many self-help processes that include formal education, numerous business certifications, and many motivational programs with trainers such as Niurka, Inc. and New Peaks. She is certified in many coaching/mentoring techniques and incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming and quantum linguistics where she uses language and energy to shift her approach and that of her clients for quick and targeted results. Gail has brought her experience, her training, and her passion for life together in this book of empowering questions so you too can find your way to living beyond your dreams.

Learn more about Gail and her work at: info@theempoweringprocess.com