Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us

The word Karma means action or doing. The law of Karma refers to any kind of intentional action whether mental, verbal, or physical and how it will impact your Karma, your life, similar to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, where every action has an equal reaction. What is interesting is that Kama embraces both past and present actions, including your lineage and past lives. You are the result of what you were and you will be the result of what you are.

Karma also is not a judgement, it just is. There is no good or evil, right or wrong, there just is result due to action.

The good news is you have choice, therefore control over your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and can alter the course of your life. Begin now and get curious about every choice you make. If you had limitless resources and were living your desired life, are these the choices you would make? Get curious about your purpose for your desires. Are they pure, ecological and do they elevate the lives of others or are they self-serving, intended to make your life easier, or bring you more power?

Does Kama mean “bad” things will not happen to “good” people? Of course not. How you manage the situations you encounter and how you learn and grow from them is what’s important. The first law of Karma is about what you bring into your life by your intention and the energy that surrounds you be design of your choices.

What more can you do to understand all your options in such a way that you bring more balance, peace, and light into your life and those that you impact now and for forever?