Put life into perspective. Are you spending you precious time on something that really does not matter? It’s only important if you think it is.

In honor of loved ones and a reminder to honor your time here, I share my testimonial to a lost one.

How do you say goodbye to someone you’ve known for over 50 years? A man who protected his country and his family his entire life. Someone who has been a model of honor, respect, and love. A person who could tell a story and make you laugh as well as listen quietly while others tell theirs. A spirit that shined through eyes of laughter and wisdom. A soul that sought truth and embodied love at the deepest level possible.

The truth is I do not say goodbye because I know he lives on. Transcending out of this body vessel is an evolutionary process and he is no longer contained. His presence is missed as I laugh and cry around my coffee cup and his presence is felt with every breath I take. When you know and love someone they imprint on your Soul and is yours forever more.

How else can I honor this Soul and support loved ones in their process of this transition with grace and love right now?

Safe travels dear one and thank you for allowing me to share in your life. It is an honor to know you and see who you are. Namaste George.